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About Us


AOAOKOKO is committed to making women around the world access to the beauty of fashion, made of clothes will better highlight the female charm. To fashion, leading the trend is our goal. You receive each piece of clothing is through layers of checks, selection of materials, production, post-processing we are very responsible to do the best. Ensure that every one of our customers is satisfied. For more information about AOAOKOKO, visit [email protected]


Everyone has a love of beauty. Follow the trend of the pace, the pursuit of a more perfect self, is to let everyone yearn for it. Self-confidence, independence, fashion is synonymous with modern women. Aoaokoko's original intention is to allow each woman to bloom their own light, the perfect figure needs clothing decoration will be more unassailable. Choose Aoaokoko and discover a new self. You will have a place in the fashion world of the future.



Most consumers are now shopping for the overall effect of clothing, no longer“Fashion” or“Beautiful” as a single word for the unified standard. Now everyone will wear clothes that directly reflect their own personality, play to their strengths and avoid weaknesses, will choose clothes that suit their body. We give every consumer a choice. To do this, AOAOKOKO creates a wide range of options to accommodate any mood or occasion.

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